How We Can Help You...

are you a small to mid-size law firm?

Do any of the following Needs and Challenges sound familiar? Has your law firm run into them...maybe even repeatedly over the years?

With increased competition in the marketplace and with client loyalty at an all-time low in the legal industry, now is the time to address these head-on...

Need #1
More Clients, More Revenues, More Market Awareness

  • Do you need to grow your revenues, increase your billable hours?
  • Do you need to expand awareness in the marketplace about your unique practice?
  • Do you need to distinguish yourself from your competition?
  • Do you need to do an overview and assessment of your current marketing efforts?
  • Do you need better cross-marketing across practice groups?
  • Do you need to analyze your utilization and realization rates?

solution #1

Hire a Fractional Chief Business Development Officer since you cannot afford to hire one full-time.

Need #2
Better Intelligence About Client Needs —
Good, Bad, and the ugly...

  • Do you need Key Client Retention Surveys, but dont have the bandwidth to staff the effort?
  • Do you worry that clients will not be candid with you because you are “too close” to them?
  • Would you rather they tell YOU about their problems with law firm billing or case staffing, instead of firing you and finding out “after-the-fact” that they want you to ship their files to your competitor?


Hire a Fractional Chief Business Development Officer since you cannot afford to hire one full-time.

Need #3
pre-merger Intelligence

  • Besides looking at conflicts, practice areas, and compatibility of IT and billing systems, have you thoroughly vetted the issues of culture, portability of books of business?
  • What about how key lawyers will accommodate changes (or not) post-merger — i.e., issues that could, in the end, kill the success of the merger?
  • Is the merger within your firm's Strategic Growth Initiative?
  • Do you need an intermediary to communicate with the other firm?


Hire a Fractional Chief Business Development Officer since you cannot afford to hire one full-time.

Need #4
post-merger Management of Human Assets

  • Besides getting the IT and billing systems to “talk to each other” until total conversion to one system occurs, and ensuring that the physical infrastructure needs are in place for a functioning law firm operation, have you thoroughly maximized the human potential in your law practice?
  • What have you done to assure that your ‘new’ and ‘old’ lawyers know how to sell each other to existing and new clients?
  • What have you done to increase the trust among the lawyers to increase the probability that cross-marketing will occur across your “new” firm?
  • Have you already merged with another law firm, and need to focus on Merger Integration to maximize the success of the merger, but dont have the bandwidth or experience to execute on this?
  • After expending all the time and resources to effect the merger itself, what have you done to ensure that it will continue past the “Honeymoon” period and that mass defections will not be the next front page story in The American Lawyer?


Hire a Fractional Chief Business Development Officer since you cannot afford to hire one full-time.

The Solution


I act in the role of Fractional Chief Business Development Officer for small and mid-size law firms who typically cannot afford one full-time.

I have 25 years experience working in law firms as a former BigLaw associate and as a Chief Business Development and Marketing Officer for law firms ranging in size from 45 to 600 lawyers. 

As the head of sales at Edwards & Angell LLP and then later at Edwards Angell Palmer & Dodge LLP, I pioneered legal sales in the U.S. as one of the first full-time hires in a law firm who was focused on new client and key client business development.

I have created Key Client Survey programs for AmLaw100 firms, led Merger Integrations for AmLaw100 and mid-size law firms, and vetted the portability of books of business of lawyers being considered for lateral hire and worked post-hire to ensure their maximum transfer.

I have extensive experience conducting individual sales coaching for lawyers, and practice groups — resulting in multimillion-dollar increases in revenues to their law firms. I have deep experience working with lawyers in these practice groups: 

  • Corporate (Finance, M&A, PE, VC, etc.)
  • Litigation (Product Liability, Mass Torts, etc.)
  • IP
  • Insurance & Reinsurance (Risk Management, Compliance, etc.)
  • Life Sciences
  • Real Estate/Construction
  • Technology
  • Energy, Oil & Gas

I have also conducted scores of sales and marketing seminars for lawyers, and have spoken nationally at legal conferences on new approaches to law firm business development and marketing. My approach is always consultative and relationship-based, never hard-sell or salesy.

I am a graduate of Dartmouth, Yale Graduate School, and Boston College Law School.

What we will do...

We will meet with you to listen, and assess the Needs and Challenges facing you and your firm.

Then, we will co-create with you a Solution to resolve those challenges. This will include a Timeline with milestones so we can jointly track our progress and Results.

results matter.
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