Immediately Add 25 Years of Legal Services Experience to Your Team...

  • To Grow your revenues and increase your billable hours

    • Expand awareness in the marketplace about what makes your practice unique

    • Distinguish your Firm from your competition

    • Optimize cross-marketing among practice groups

  • to get better intelligence about your client needs

    • Key Client Retention Surveys

    • find out what they are thinking before they hire your competitor

  • to ensure your lateral recruiting and law firm merger success

    • uncover the hidden lateral and pre-merger intelligence

      • does it match your Strategic Growth Initiative?

    • key elements to successful lateral and post-merger integration


Kelvin has a deep understanding of the legal industry, including the challenges that face both law firms and their clients. He coached and prepared our attorney pitch teams that led to our winning new clients.
Kelvin also worked closely with our firm chairman on lateral recruitment,
including our successful attorney integration. I would work with him again.
— Miles Amarino, COO, Theodora Oringher PC