What Kelvin’s Clients Say...



I’ve known Kel for 12 years in both a personal and professional context, and I firmly believe that he represents all that is good in our world of business. In our business dealings together, he has had that rare ability to make the complicated, simple and the ability to communicate his ideas effectively, concisely and persuasively. Kel’s diverse personal and professional attributes, his vast network, and his ability to manage relationships make him an invaluable resource to any organization looking to expand its client base.
— Robert Nils Lane, Esq., Executive Vice President, Willis Towers Watson, Global Practice Leader, Resolutions

“tremendous resource...helped us win work...knows how to teach the art of the sale...”

Kel is a remarkable sales director and was a tremendous resource to me and my colleagues when I was at Womble Carlyle. His insights, enthusiasm and well-placed connections not only got our lawyers in the door for critical sales pitches, but helped us win the work. Put simply, people enjoy spending time with Kel. He knows how to listen and be responsive and he knows how to teach the art of the sale. I’m grateful that I had the opportunity to work with Kelvin Chin.
— Jim Lennon, IP Partner, Young Conaway Stargatt & Taylor, LLP

“Vast network and long-term corporate and law firm relationships...opened doors to new key clients...”

I had the opportunity to work with Kel for two years at RenewData. Kel was an immediate asset to the business development team with his vast network and long-term corporate and law firm relationships. Kel was able to open doors to key clients that our team had previously not had any exposure to. In addition to his business development skills Kel was a great person to work with, bringing expert knowledge, integrity and a very easy to work with approach. Kel was always a team player and key contributor to many complex proposals our team delivered. I would recommend Kel as a key asset to any organization.
— Paul Chorazy, Vice President, Business Development, Kroll L-Discovery (formerly RenewData)

the point person, not simply an intermediary...understood that in-house legal departments could represent not so much a cost center, but a vital and increasingly valuable asset for public companies and their stakeholders...

Kelvin was unique when I first encountered him over a dozen years ago. As the business development leader of his firm, he was the point person, not simply an intermediary for his practicing colleagues. As such, the partners in charge didn’t simply trust, but rather expected, him to engage with me directly on their behalf. This was natural for Kelvin as he understood that in-house legal departments could represent not so much a cost center, but a vital and increasingly valuable asset for public companies and their stakeholders. The result was a more efficient and effective working relationship between myself and members of his firm who better understood both the legal issues and the business imperatives of my organization.
— Jonathan Kim, JD/MBA, former General Counsel and Secretary, Montpelier Re Holdings Ltd. (NYSE: MRH)


In my former role as Chief Underwriting Officer, XL Insurance (Bermuda) Ltd., I was frequently approached by law firms offering their services. What made a difference for me was Kelvin’s approach to the business and his ability to produce immediate value and his solutions-oriented and results-driven expectations to our relationship.

In short order Kelvin was able to garner his firm’s resources — an impressive array of practice leaders and subject matter experts — to address the “hot topics” we had identified, and a presentation was made to both our underwriting and enterprise risk management teams in Bermuda.

Rarely does one encounter an individual such as Kelvin who is an accomplished businessperson as well as respected author, educator and thought leader in a multitude of areas. Working with and knowing him has been an enriching experience.
— James Loder, Managing Director, Risk Management and Insurance Solutions, Quantius (former Chief Underwriting Officer, XL Insurance (Bermuda) Ltd.)

“sophisticated, targeted — and successful —Business Development...”

Kel’s arrival at Edwards & Angell marked our large, multi-office law firm’s move from broad brush “Marketing” to more sophisticated, targeted — and successful — Business Development. Kel led this effort for us during a time when the concept of true Business Development was in its infancy in large law firms. Without any road map to work from, Kel created and led our efforts, handling the formidable cat-herding exercise with skill and tact. He created a lot of goodwill among Partners and Associates alike.
— Stephen Meredith, Partner, Private Equity Group, Choate Hall & Stewart LLP (former Partner in charge of marketing and head of Private Equity Group, Edwards Angell Palmer & Dodge LLP)

“dynamic, hard charging...great people skills...knows how to listen and access customer needs...”

Kel is a dynamic, hard charging sales developer. He has great people skills and knows how to listen to the customer, access the customer’s needs and deploy the appropriate resources from his organization.
— Dean Rutley, Technology Partner, Womble Carlyle


“Business and success-oriented...Great insight into marketing and sales...”

Besides being a fantastic person to work with, Kelvin brings a very business and success oriented approach to the efforts that attorneys make towards marketing and sales. His experience in other industries brings great insight into the marketing and sales process that is often overlooked in the legal business.
— Jonathan Lourie, Corporate Partner, Duane Morris LLP (former partner, Edwards Angell Palmer & Dodge LLP)

“led lateral recruitment and integration with our firm chairman...won new clients...”

Kelvin worked closely with our firm chairman on lateral recruitment, including our successful attorney integration. He has a deep understanding of the legal industry, including the challenges that face both law firms and their clients. He coached and prepared our attorney pitch teams that led to our winning new clients. I would work with him again.
— Miles Amarino, COO, Theodora Oringher PC

“talent for seeing the big picture...strategic and tactical...sense of market timing...we worked together on positioning a law firm merger...”

Kelvin knows business development and strategic marketing. He has an extraordinary talent for seeing the big picture and moving business to the forefront. He is an excellent communicator who, with great ease, has the ability to connect ideas and people. His friendly approach is honest and intelligent.

Kelvin’s insights for client development are strategic and tactical with a sense of market timing that helps keep his law firm clients at the forefront. Kelvin and I worked together following a law firm merger to position a relevant and differentiated brand theme for his firm. Kelvin has that straightforward approach that reaches into his extensive experience in client development which he delivers with clarity and thoughtfulness. He understands a brand’s core essence and communicates this to employees and clients.
— Barbara Redmond, Principal, Redmond Design, Inc.

“exceptional...insight and strategic decision-making...a rare find!”

Kelvin is an exceptional chief business development officer. In the 4 years we have worked together, his insight and strategic decision-making has been extremely beneficial to me and others that have worked with him. He is a rare find!
— Angela Meyer, PhD, PE, Senior Vice President of Client Services , Exponent

“global vision...great sense of the needs of consumers of legal services...”

Kel was an essential component in my developing a marketing plan. He had a great sense of global vision and the needs of consumers of legal services.
— Doug Workman, Of Counsel, Hartman & Associates

“Great resource and leader for business development...helped me individually and firmwide...”

Kelvin is a great resource and leader for business development plans and initiatives. He effectively helped me with my individual business development goals as well as the various targeted business development initiatives firmwide.
— Karl Kuhn, Partner, Robertson & Olsen, LLP

“terrific coach...advised me on new business development and on assisting existing clients...”

Kelvin is a terrific coach for client development plans, tasks and issues. He advised me in matters relating to development of business, client networking and assisting our existing clients. Kelvin is a great team player and it was a pleasure working with him on a daily basis.
— Charles K. Park, Park Law APC

“Master networker...helps others make better connections...to generate business...”

Kelvin is a master networker who extends himself to help others make connections better than anyone I know. His friendly, outgoing, yet very professional demeanor makes him a natural in any client/business development setting. I would recommend him highly to any organization that needs to expand its network to generate business.
— Michael Bendit, Partner at Abbey Road Associates & Managing Director at Software Development Resources

“team leader, bridge builder...first rate background and experience in the legal field...”

When I think of Kelvin Chin, I think: “Team Leader, Bridge Builder.” Kelvin’s skill set is extremely strong. His education, experience and background in the legal field is first rate. I have known him for approximately 15 years since his time at the American Arbitration Association in Los Angeles.
— William E. Maguire, Trademark, Copyright and Licensing Attorney

“smart, strategic thinker, a leader...and a team player willing to share his vast knowledge and experience...”

Kel Chin is a smart, strategic thinker and a leader in the area of professional service firm business development and marketing. I have the utmost respect for Kel and have had the pleasure of getting to know him as a result of our participation in a “think tank” of group of people with similar roles at leading law firms. Kel is a team player very willing to share his vast knowledge and experience with others.
— Jan Anne Dubin, MBA, Jan Anne Dubin Consulting (former North American Business Development Director, Baker & McKenzie LLP and Director Client Relations, DLA Piper LLP)

“dynamic, go-getter...refreshing ideas...sense of humor...top notch!”

We were on the same team many times when we were VPs at the American Arbitration Association, even though we were separated by distance. Kelvin is dynamic and a real ‘go-getter’. He would invariably be voted the leader of any group during company-wide training sessions. Kel follows up and submits insightful reports. He has refreshing ideas; and, he has a wonderful sense of humor. Kelvin is a true professional and a team player. Top Notch!
— Eileen Vernon, Public Securities Arbitrator at FINRA (former Vice President, American Arbitration Association)