Kelvin Chin, Relationship Coach

"...So that we can create relationships of integrity that are also fun..."


  • What is Relationship Coaching?
  • How can it help me?
  • What is Kelvin's background and experience in Relationship Coaching?

"Relationship Coaching" is a way to help people navigate their relationships more effectively through a neutral third-party who is experienced in the many facets of the world of relationships — someone who knows what works, and what doesn't, based on years of experience. And someone who is grounded in the fundamental principles of honesty, integrity and respect. It is not counseling or therapy, nor is legal advice given.

Scenario 1

Are you in a relationship that has gone "flat"? 

You may even still love each other, but there's something not right. You feel like you have been ignoring yourself for some time, and it has gotten to the point where it really bothers you.

What do you do? 

Have you decided you're not ready to see a therapist?
and, you definitely don't yet want to talk with a lawyer?

...So you know you need help, but you're in that 'in between' stage?...

Scenario 2

Are you a "Veteran of Online Dating"?

Have you spent hundreds maybe thousands of dollars on dating website memberships, and countless hours 'going blind' reading profiles?

Are you tired of that dating scene?  ...The men or women who show up are never quite as tall, or fit, or funny as their profiles claimed?

Are you ready to stop wasting your time?

Are you ready to take a more effective approach to online dating, and dating in general?
Are you ready to get more serious about how you're going about 'doing the dating thing'?
Are you maybe even ready for a more serious, long-term relationship?

If you answered YES to any of the above, then we should definitely talk...

My history...

I've been there. Not only have I had two marriages with two wonderful children now in their 20's — so I know what divorce is like — both emotionally and financially — but I've also been dating as a single male for the past eight years, with most of it through online dating. How many dates you might ask? — If we include 'coffee dates', let's just say hundreds in more than 10 cities, nationally and internationally.

That said, I have now "come out of the end of the tunnel" and am in a great, healthy, invigorating relationship with a terrific woman. She does not rub me the wrong way, I have not found anything that annoys me, and we have a great relationship on all levels — mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual. I can even watch football, even though she's not into sports!

My point is — it is possible.

So, I am here to help you. Whether you are a male trying to figure out women or you are a woman trying to figure out men. Or, maybe you are in between somewhere. LBGT, polyamorous, etc. While I am a heterosexual male, I have had experience working closely with the LBGT community when I was in the President's office at MIT.

Bottom line: I'm here to help others navigate the world of relationships in a way that honors both themselves, and the other person. 

And if there are children involved, to make sure they are protected — not just financially, but most importantly emotionally.

...So that we can create relationships of integrity that are also fun.